About us

About us and Our Values

As a kid I was always the helping hand when Mom used to bake. I used to be amazed with the cakes and cookies that used to come out from the oven. Slowly and steadily I tried my hands at it and before I realised my hobby had turned into a passion. In the year 2014 Jo’s Baking Delights was born, and I can proudly say that I am one of the lucky ones who gets a chance to work on her passion every single day. Every year, my goal is to work harder and to push myself to do better.

Jo’s was created with only one thing in mind – the love for baking; the value for high-quality ingredients, the indulgence of exquisite taste, and the passion for doing something extraordinary.

We are constantly searching for new ingredients to meet this passion. While we do so, we keep the quality of every item close to our hearts. Currently, we have an assortment of products ranging from Cakes, Cupcakes, Cheesecakes, Brownies, Desserts and so much more. 
We take pride in introducing flavors, each delicately infused with a range of tantalizing and indulgent fillings. 
Our exotic range is lauded frequently as “one of a kind”. What’s more important is that every product is fresh and handled keeping hygiene and quality in mind.
To sum it up, we provide premium confectioneries, use quality ingredients, have inspired packaging, create flavors to appeal to all palates, and do all this at pricing that doesn’t hurt the pocket.

Our Values

1. Fresh Ingredients
At Jo’s Baking Delights, we’re committed to your health. That’s why , Jyoti buys the freshest produce, dry fruits and nuts to make sure that you get the best. From our home to yours, there’s no compromise on quality. The best part is, our treats our made with LOVE
2. Even Healthier
We know that you care about your health and we want you to know that we care too. For those of you that have special dietary needs, we offer our treats with the following modifications : gluten-free, refined flour free, refined sugar free, sugar free.
3. Place to Be
In this fast paced and busy life one can indulge in our variety of sugar-free and healthy range without regretting or thinking twice. Try once and you won’t need a reason to drop in on us again. Feel the magic of Jyoti’s creation on your taste buds and you will surely fall in love with Jo’s Baking Delights.
4. Special Packaging

Whether it’s a Baby Announcement, Diwali, Rakhi or Christmas, we have beautiful boxing for every occasion. Customized! No problem! We’ll do everything we can to make your special occasion truly memorable.

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